Hi there! I’m Rachel— a proud working mom of a beautiful daughter bossing it up in the land of the endless turquoise blue water—Turks & Caicos. As an author, financial coach, and avid lover of life and adventure, I am excited to bring a little piece of my passions to you.

I’m a firm believer that experience is the best teacher and that adversity creates opportunities to grow and become a better person. Our life’s tragedies don’t define us; however, our ability to conquer and cope makes us who we are.

After losing my incredible mother to cancer and a son one year later, I was determined not to let these setbacks define the woman that I am. Instead, after experiencing the worst and surviving – it was time to thrive, become fearless and Boss Up while helping others.

All while enjoying the highlights of life such as traveling, reading, and a good-ole’ five-mile run.

Financial Coach 

After completing my Master’s Degree in International Finance and Accounting, then later being accepted to commence my Doctorate – I thought it was time to share this wealth of knowledge.

Having a bad relationship with money? Well, it is my grandest vision to assist with getting you out of debt and becoming financially conscious and independent. Becoming financially confident allows one to unleash the greatest version of themselves.

As a financial coach, I will assist you in creating a financial plan and budget designed to enable you to meet your life’s goals. My entire plan is to help you to achieve a better relationship with money and develop a healthy spending habit that will last a lifetime.

Together we will monitor your spending, analyze your goals, and create a plan. As your financial coach, I will be with you every step of the way as your accountability partner as we work toward achieving your financial freedom.

Contact me today for your FREE consultation.

Motivational Speaker 

If you’re looking for someone to speak on the topic of motivation, accepting change, finding hope in the midst of your greatest adversity and becoming the greatest version of yourself, then you just found her. I am one who didn’t allow my adversities and loss of loved ones to defeat me but instead used that painful energy to thrive after surviving it all.

Turning my brutal pain into something meaningful and helpful to others. My message is profoundly relatable and actionable to those who can’t see past their current situation. It is my goal to provide hope.

I believe that after experiencing the worst, one should become fearless at achieving their goals and becoming an ultimate BOSS! Using that pain to become undefeatable instead of allowing it defeat you. Contact me today as your motivational speaker to unleash your epic-ness and become the relentless BOSS God called you to be.