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Hi there! I’m Rachel— a proud working mom of a beautiful daughter bossing it up in the land of the endless turquoise blue water—Turks & Caicos. As an Author, financial coach and avid lover of life and adventure.  I am excited to bring a little piece of my passions to you.

As an optimist, I believe that experience is the best teacher and adversity create opportunities to grow and become a better person. Our life’s tragedy doesn’t define us; however, our ability to conquer and cope makes us who we are.  After losing my incredible mother to cancer, a son one year later and, I became determined not to let these setbacks define the women that I am. Instead, I am using those loses and pain to become fearless and to help others.

Providing hope in the midst of adversity

As a life and financial coach, Rachel believes that after experiencing the hardship of life and surviving it, one should become fearless at achieving their goals and becoming an ultimate BOSS! Turning their brutal pain and loss into something efficacious. Using that pain to rather become undefeated vs. being defeated.



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